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Related article: Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 10:46:22 -0400 From: british Subject: Adventure in Crete 5DISCLAIMER:This is a story. None of the characters in the story exist and the events that take place are purely imaginary.Thanks to all of you who have emailed me with comments and told me how much you enjoyed the first chapters. I hope you like this one too.WARNING:Do not read this story if you are in any way offended by acts of a homosexual nature.Do not read this if you are under the legal age for accessing adult sites.Always indulge in safe sex.Adventure to Crete - 5Nick got back to his room safely and collapsed onto his bed, exhausted. He fell asleep and failed to hear his father's first knock designed to wake him up. He slept on for some time but was finally roused by a loud banging on the door. Through a fuzzy head, Nick heard his father shouting,"Come on Nick. Wake up!! If you want to have some breakfast you'll have to hurry as out bus tour starts in ten minutes. Come on."Nick grunted a reply, stumbled into the shower and was dressed in time to grab a few bits of bread to eat. As he walked through the lobby of the hotel, Nick caught George's eye and the hotel manager gave him a knowing smile.As they got to the waiting coach Nick said to his parents,"Sorry about being late. I can't think what's made me so tired, although I did have a bit of a disturbed night. I couldn't get to sleep, I kept waking up.""Probably your body clock has not quite adjusted to Greek time", Nick's father replied. "I expect you'll be better tonight. Anyway, let's get on the bus and enjoy the day and if you're OK tonight then you can go out with Panos as arranged. However, if you're still tired, I'll ask the manager to postpone the meeting until later in the week."Nick wanted to scream 'no way' but contented himself by reassuring his parents,"I'm sure I'll be Ok and I really am looking forward to our trip today."With that they boarded the coach and set off on their tour. To Nick's surprise the tour was not as deadly Preteen Underwear as he had expected. The ruined Palace at Knossos was really quite interesting and they gave the visitors some shelter from the very hot sun. The museum was also quite good and Nick tried to have a not too obvious look at the vases with naked men on them. During the day, Nick saw quite a few good-looking Greek boys and this also raised his spirits. At lunch there had been a very attractive young waiter and Nick knew from the eye contact that they made that, had he been alone, the two would have explored each other very thoroughly indeed.It was mid-afternoon by the time they returned to the hotel. Normally by this time everyone is having a snooze but today was different. At the reception desk was a beaming George, talking to two young men. Nick felt his cock begin to stir when he saw these two teenagers. They were blond, blue-eyed and beautiful and clearly twins. Nick could not quite overhear what was being said and watched as George ushered the pair upstairs and called to the English boy's father that he would be right back. Moments later he returned and asked Nick and his family if they had had a nice day. He added that he hoped so and that Nick would be able to go out. He ended his little speech by telling the family that Panos had organised a special trip for Nick and would make sure that he had plenty to eat. Nick saw George's face as he made the last remark and knew that it was not just food that would be on the menu later that night. The horny English teen hung back a moment as his parents moved out of earshot, George whispered,"I saw you looking at the twins. Don't even think about it, they're out of our league. Stick with me and Panos and you'll do OK. However if you want to know, the twins are in the room next to your's. I'll pop up in a moment and show you something interesting."Nick nodded, took his key and having told his parents he was going to take a nap Preteen Underwear and would see them later, lay on the bed and waited for George.There was a knock on the door and George hurried quickly in. He went to the far wall and removed a couple of lurid pictures and indicated to Nick that he should stand by him. George showed Nick a tiny spy-hole in the wall, which gave a clear view into the adjoining room. George explained,"You may not get to go with them but a least you can get a good view of what they have on offer. They're here to star in a video entitle "Twin Trouble Cums", original eh? I will get you a copy when it is finished."Nick looked at George and said anxiously,"Talking of videos. What are you going to do with the one of me and Panos?"George smiled,"Don't worry. That is going in my private collection. I get some from the video company on the island and a few private ones. The private ones are never shown to anyone."Nick smiled gratefully. George looked at the British boy and squeezed his bulge gently but then turned to go,"I think you need a rest now after last night. You also need to keep yourself full of cum for Panos tonight."With that George left and Nick took his advice and had a short nap. When he awoke he decided to have a shower and check on the twins next door. The shower was very refreshing and Nick resisted the temptation to wank off and save his ball cream for later. He wrapped himself in a towel and walked over to the spy hole in the bedroom wall. The English boy looked through but at first there was nothing to see. Then he saw a movement and realised that he could see the beautifully round shaped orbs of the shapely arse of one of the twins. Nick watched as the young man retreated towards the door, then turned slightly and Nick got a clear view of his perfectly smooth chest, strong arms and legs. Nick also saw that hanging flaccid between his legs and surmounted by a golden blond bush of pubic hair was a long thin dick. The boy stood at what must be the toilet bowl (though Nick could not see it) and aimed his dick from which a stream of golden piss streamed out. A moment later another boy joined him. The second boy was identical in every way to the first. Nick could now see two dicks and admired the smooth white skin of the two dicks and the beautiful pink glans that topped them off. It was clear to Nick that both boys were cut and seeing their circumcised pricks reminded him of his best friend, Chris, back home in England. A moment of guilt swept over Nick as he thought of the amazing time he had had since arriving in Crete while Chris was alone at home. The moment quickly passed as Nick realised that there was nothing he could do about it and would follow Chris' general advice that while in Crete he should do his best to enjoy himself.Nick chose his evening clothes with care. He put on a thicker shirt in case it got cold later and a pair of shorts but no underwear. Nick left the room and went down to the hotel lobby to join his family and wait for Panos. George gave him an approving look as he passed by the reception desk and said,"Panos will be here, but he is often late! Enjoy yourself tonight!""Thanks", replied Nick and sat down next to his parents and sister to await the Greek teenager's arrival. As they waited his father reminded Nick that he should not be late back as the family was going on another tour the next day.Nick went over and sat with his family. He was feeling a mixture of emotions. He was both excited and slightly apprehensive about the likely events of the evening, but he tried to act normally. He chatted with his parents and sister as they waited for Panos to arrive and learned that they were going to eat at the local Taverna again as soon as he had left with Panos. As the minutes ticked by Nick began to worry that something had happened that would stop him going but remembered that George said Greeks were never on time. His father was reminding him that he should not be late as he had to go out on another day trip the following day when Panos, driving a large van, turned into the hotel car park. Nick leapt up and walked towards the parking vehicle, followed by his father. As Nick moved to get in the van, his father spoke to Panos,"Thank you very much for agreeing to take Nick out. We do appreciate the time you are spending with him and I know he enjoys it as well."Panos smiled and replied,"Think nothing of it, the pleasure is all mine."Nick secretly grinned at that remark and thought to himself 'and mine'. Then he realised his father was speaking again,"Don't forget, Nick. Don't be too late tonight. You've got another long day ahead of you again tomorrow."Nick was nodding 'OK' as Panos revved the engine and the van drove towards the hotel gates. The Greek teen whispered to Nick,"And a long evening before that as well!!"The van turned onto the road and as Panos drove along Nick reached over and began to move his hands over the obvious bulge in the Greek teenager's shorts. Nick managed to unzip the shorts and work his hand inside and instantly made contact with Panos' hard shaft. Nick turned to Panos and said,"Oh good. No underwear, just like me!"Although Panos was enjoying the sensation of the horny English boy massaging his hard cock shaft, he did not encourage him to go further. After a few moments on the main road, the van turned off onto a narrow lane and then Panos stopped the vehicle in what looked like a deserted area. Nick assumed they had Preteen Underwear reached their destination but Panos made no move to get out. Suddenly as if from nowhere a figure appeared. It was another Greek teenager, slightly younger than Panos but older than Nick. Panos indicated that Nick should wait a moment in the van and then he got out and embraced the new arrival, talking to him in Greek. The newcomer nodded and Panos indicated to Nick that he should come over and join them.Nick got out of the van and, as he walked over to join them, noticed that both boys were openly feeling each other up. Panos smiled at Nick and said,"This is my best friend, Dimitri, we do everything together. Dimitri, meet Nick, the English boy I've told you all about."Dimitri momentarily broke away from fondling Panos' tented shorts and shook hands with Nick. Nick's own shorts were also showing his clear excitement at the scene as Panos indicated that his English friend should kneel down. This action brought Nick's face level with the Greek boys' bulging shorts. Panos quickly undid Dimitri's shorts and as the younger Greeks short cock emerged he drew back the foreskin and directed the pinkish exposed glans towards Nick's waiting mouth. Dimitri returned the favour and removed Panos' shorts so that Nick was confronted with two rock hard Greek cocks. The English boy switched his attention from one to the other as often as he could and used his well-trained lips and tongue to tease the velvet smooth flesh of the cocks in front of him. At one point Nick was able to run his tongue up one shaft from balls to tip and back down the other from tip to balls before plunging Dimitri's meat back into his mouth. Panos recognised that the younger Greek was approaching his climax and urged Nick to concentrate on Dimitri's hard cock,"Suck it hard, Nick! Make Dimitri cum, just Preteen Underwear like you did me! Let Nick bring you off, Dimitri! He's a wonderful sucker! Let it cum!"Dimitri was breathing hard and could only manage little sounds of appreciation as Nick work his mouth over the sensitive parts of his cock and licked his piss slit. In seconds the head of Dimitri's cock engorged and throbbed as a great wad of cum emerged. Nick was slightly disappointed that he had not shot his load like Panos invariably did, but he was pleased by the tasty cream that filled his mouth and swallowed it eagerly. All too soon Dimitri's climax was over and his cock began to deflate. However as it plopped out Panos took his place and proceeded to face fuck his English friend.All this time Nick's cock had been confined inside his shorts and the pre-cum stain was making a large wet patch in the front. Dimitri realised that Nick must be aching for release both from the tight shorts and from the need to shoot a load of spunk. He bent down to help out and expose Nick's throbbing cock but Panos stopped him, "No, Dimitri! Don't do that! I want Nick to save his juicy cum until later. Sorry, Nick. I know you could cum almost straight away but please save yourself for later. I know it's difficult but it'll be worth it in the end, I promise. Just concentrate on using your skilful mouth on my cock. Bring Preteen Underwear me off quickly and then we'll go on to the main action of the evening."Panos began to increase the pace of his rhythmic invasion of Nick's mouth and soon he too was approaching the inevitable explosion. As the point of no return approached Panos stopped his face fucking and allowed his cock head to lie on Nick's tongue. Nick closed his lips tightly round the shaft as he felt spunk throbbing up through the channel until it burst out into his mouth and throat. Nick greedily swallowed the hot jizz as Panos purred his pleasure. When Panos has finished Nick opened his mouth and both Greek boys could see the last drops of creamy cum on his tongue. As the three sat back for a brief rest, Panos reached over and gave Nick a big smile and squeezed his balls sharply,"Sorry not to let you cum also Nick but I want tonight to be special and you will cum and you will have a night to remember!"Moments later they were back in the van and heading for the main road again. The van travelled a few more miles before again turning off down a lane. This time the van approached a large house, set back from the road and surrounded by a high wall and an electric gate. As the van approached, the gates swung open and Panos drove right up to the front door. The three teenagers got out of the van and walked towards the door. At the entrance, the door was opened for them and the little party was led along a corridor into what looked to Nick like a television studio. The group was led up to a balcony and into a small control room. In the corner a dark haired young man in his twenties was sitting at a set of controls. He looked up as the three teenagers entered and Panos spoke,"Hello, I'm Panos and these are my two friends, Dimitri and Nick from England. I believe you are expecting us?""Yes I am. My name is Rudi and I'm from Holland. It's good to meet you. Please sit down", the dark haired man replied.Just at that moment the lights in the studio suddenly brightened and onto the set walked an older man of middle eastern origin, followed seconds later by the twins that were occupying the room next door to Nick. All three were sporting hard-ons, which displayed their manhoods to fullest effect. Nick already knew that the twins were cut and it was equally obvious that the older man was circumcised as well, although his prick head was a rather darker shade than the other two. As the visitors watched from the control room the three on set arranged themselves so that one twin was in front of the older man and the other behind. One twin began to suck and lick the older man's prick, while the second began an oral assault on his arse hole. As the twin in front swallowed the complete length of the cut prick in front of him, he moved his hand behind to start probing the man's already well-licked holed. The two brothers continued their joint attack on the man's front and rear until the one behind withdrew for a moment and then joined his brother in pushing his fingers up the willing hole. Nick watched in amazement as both boys eased their fingers inside the older man's love tunnel. Preteen Underwear Eventually one boy managed to get the whole of one hand lodged inside. This made the older man buck hard and then withdraw his pre-cum drooling prick from the sucking twin's mouth.Nick was slightly disappointed at this as he was very aroused by what he was watching and as he looked around so were the other three people in the control room with him. In fact, Panos was already unzipping Dimitri's shorts and exposing the younger Greek's cock. Dimitri returned the favour and exposed Panos' throbbing hard-on. Rudi followed a second later, exposing a short, cut prick surmounted by curly black pubic hair. Nick was the last to release his aching cock from his shorts. The four looked at each other and Rudi said smilingly to the other three,"I see I'm surrounded by Gentiles!", then he added, "if you want a better view of what happens next you can follow the action on the monitors here."The three visitors stood playing with their hard cocks and watching the resumed action below. Nick watched for a moment and began to think that the only way to get involved with this video company was to be circumcised. On the set the twins were lying flat on the ground facing each other and one of the two was holding both their hard shafts in his hand and the exposed pink glans of the twins glistened from the pre-cum that coated them. As they watched from their vantage point, the onlookers could see the older man slowly lower his arse down and impale himself on the twins' pricks. Both pink heads disappeared up the welcoming hole and the man began to bob up and down on them. The sight was quite amazing and went on for several minutes until the older man said something to the twins. Seconds later the old man eased himself off the two pricks and knelt down beside the boys. The older man was wanking furiously and very soon the engorged purple head and wide piss slit deposited a load of creamy cum over both the twins. The twins were also wanking hard and they followed the older man in shooting their spunk into the air and hitting the man and themselves. There was cum everywhere and slowly the three participants slumped back to rest. As they did so more assistants appeared and wrapped the men in towels and quickly led them away.The four observers in the control booth were all highly excited and Nick thought that he would be unable to hold back much longer. However Panos once again leant forward and gave his balls a sharp squeeze and Nick's urgency for release subsided. As he recovered from the sharp pain Nick spoke,"That was quite fantastic. Thanks for letting us watch but I have a question. Why did they pull out and just wank off rather than cum inside the older guy's arse?"Rudi smiled at this and replied,"The reason is that many of the people who buy our videos like to see the spunk fly. They can't see it if they cum inside. We film a number of sequences and sometimes the actors cum inside and then at others they toss themselves off to camera. In really big movies we even use extras and doubles to ensure that there is plenty of cum for the viewers to see. OK? But anyway it's our turn now. We can use the set once it's clear."The four climbed down from the control room and walked onto the set. In less than no time they were all naked and their dicks were hard and throbbing in the glare of the set lights. Panos directed the operation. He leaned Dimitri over so that his face was in line with Nick's pre-cum covered, shiny cock head and the younger Greek lapped the juices up eagerly as Nick gasped with delight. Panos stood behind Dimitri and began to work his well-lubed fingers into the Greek teen's hole and Rudi went behind Nick and started to lick his beautiful well-rounded arse cheeks.As Dimitri began to bob up and down on his shaft, Nick felt something wet begin to lick his virgin hole. Rudi had reached the entrance to Nick's love tunnel and was probing it with his skilful tongue. Nick tried to open his hole for Rudi but it was slow to react. As Rudi persisted he soon gained a small entry point and once it was wet he replaced his tongue with a finger and entered Nick's waiting hole. By now Panos had started to push his cock head into Dimitri's well-used hole and this had made the younger Greek suck more vigorously on Nick's shaft. At much the same moment Nick realised that something harder and thicker was nudging at his hole as Rudi's prick made its way into him. Nick knew that this bit would be rough and would possibly hurt a lot but he was determined not to let it show. Rudi was aware that the English boy was a virgin and proceeded slowly edging his prick into Nick slowly and stopping to allow the teenager to adjust. Nick felt the head enter him and was washed with a bout of pain but this soon passed and he realised that Rudi's prick head was now inside and the Dutch man's shaft was also beginning to enter his bowels. A few seconds later Rudi felt his balls bang against Nick's arse cheeks and realised he was completely inside the virgin English boy's hole. Rudi slowly withdrew until only the head remained inside then thrust gently forward again. Panos saw that Rudi was inside Nick and that the horny ten was beginning to fuck Dimitri's face hard. As gently as he could Panos eased Dimitri off Nick's cock and turned him slightly away from the boy. By now it was obvious that Nick was ready to blow his load and, as Rudi rhythmically fucked in and out of his hole, Nick's cock violently exploded and spunk flew out in great spurts. It was the most intense orgasm of Nick's life and all the pent up need was released in a series of throbbing shots as his jizz sprayed everywhere. Nick screamed in delight not only at the relief but also at the pleasure of the orgasm that had overwhelmed him. He had cum ally fucked his cum out of him. Dimitri who had been wanking hard through most of the scene came next and he shouted something in Greek as, for a second time, his jizz came out in a single wad that ran down his shaft and onto his hand, which he offered up for anyone to lick. The effect of Nick's orgasm and the tightening of his arse muscles on Rudi's shaft brought the Dutch man to his climax. The Dutch man yelled that he too was cumming and then shot a hot load of creamy man juice deep inside Nick's shute. Finally, Panos delivered his load inside Dimitri and joined in the general noise and happiness of the orgasmic scene.The quartet collapsed exhausted and lay back to recover their breath and their composure. After several moments Panos began to organise them again as it was time for them to leave if Nick was to be back not too late. The four slowly got dressed and Nick turned to the other three and said,"Wow that was fantastic! I've never cum like that before! Thanks for Preteen Underwear being gentle on my first time. I've never experienced anything as great as this, it really is a night to remember."As they got dressed Nick could not help but wonder whether any of their activity had been recorded on video but there was no time to ask Rudi. Shortly after they had finished dressing they said their goodbyes to Rudi and were driving back towards the hotel. Panos dropped Dimitri off where he had picked him up and then began to drive back to the hotel. As they drove slowly along the main road, Panos turned to Nick and spoke,"I'm sorry I would not let you cum earlier but I hope the wait was worth it.""It certainly was! But I was sorry that it was not you that fucked my virgin hole. I'd wanted you to take my virginity," replied Nick.The van had reached the hotel gates and Panos smiled back at Nick and said,"I understand but Rudi was a better choice, his dick is not as big as mine. However, I'm off to visit George now that we are back and I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you joined us. That is Preteen Underwear if you have the time and would like to....?"To be continued.... If you like this story, please let me know as you comments are always encouraging and worthwhile. Email me at britishbadpuppy.com
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